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What states do not accept IPASS? | IPass Login

There are 18 states that accept IPass, states not in this list don't accept I-Pass: Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and West Virginia.

What is the difference between I-PASS and E-ZPass? Illinois Tollway Login

The I-Pass is just Illinois's version of the E-ZPass and I-Pass runs on the E-ZPass system and you can use your IPass to travel into other E-ZPass states.

How do I activate my getipass? IPass Login

You can activate your IPass online by making an account at the https://getipass.com/ website or by calling the IPass phone number 800-824-7277. If you bought your IPass from a custom service center there is no need to activate it because it will already be activated. You can check out my page on How to Activate and Install your

Can I get an IPASS at Jewel-Osco?

Yes you can get an IPass at Jewel-Osco. They cost $30 and require a $10 deposit. Customers can also visit a Road Ranger or an I-I-Pass Customer Service Center or order an IPass online through the getipass.com website.

Are Illinois tolls cheaper with I-PASS? Illinois Tollway Login

IPass customers pay 50 percent less than those using the pay by plate method. I-PASS users often receive discounted toll rates as an incentive to use the electronic toll collection system.

What to do with an expired IPASS transponder?

To initiate the replacement process, please send your transponder enclosed in foil through certified mail, along with a duplicate of the replacement program letter provided by the Illinois Tollway, to the I-PASS Fulfillment Center at P.O. Box 806518, Chicago, IL 60680. Upon receiving your old transponder, a new unit will be dispatched.

How do I know if I missed a toll in Illinois?

To check for missed tolls in Illinois, look for a Notice of Toll Violation in the mail, visit the Illinois Tollway website at the Illinois Tollway Login for online tools, or contact customer service. Reviewing your I-PASS or E-ZPass account can also help verify toll payments. Promptly address any missed tolls to avoid fees and violations.

What happens if I don't pay Illinois tolls?

Failure to pay Illinois tolls can lead to fines, penalties, and potential vehicle registration suspension. Unresolved toll violations may prompt collection agency involvement, affecting your credit. Address unpaid tolls promptly to avoid these consequences and ensure compliance with Illinois Tollway regulations.

How do you pay tolls in Illinois online? Illinois Tollway Pay Online

You pay Illinois tolls online via the pay by plate at Illinois Tollway Pay By Plate page. If you do not have an IPass you were charged pay by plate.

What happens if you don't pay Illinois tolls within 14 days?

The Illinois Tollway issues invoices that can be conveniently settled through the "Pay Invoices" section on their official website. Failure to promptly pay tolls within 14 days of traveling on the Tollway will result in the issuance of an invoice that includes tolls along with additional fees.

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