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Illinois Toll Payment-Pay IL Toll

1) Determine what illinois toll payment you owe
- Use the trip calculator at

2) Pay IL toll
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For further information see the Unpaid Tolls page on the Illinois Tollway website.

Call 800-824-7277
Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 10 PM
Weekends 8 AM to 5 PM.
Best times to call are Tuesday through Friday after 6 PM, or during the weekend.

If you go through an Illinois Tollway I-PASS Toll and...

  • you do not have an active I-PASS account, you will be billed an Illinois highway toll payment via the Pay By Plate system and you will owe the cash rate for that toll.

  • you have an active I-PASS account, but the I-PASS device was not properly mounted (or not in the car), you will be billed via the Pay By Plate system and you will owe the I-PASS rate for that toll.

  • you have an active I-PASS active account and a properly mounted I-PASS device, but the device malfunctioned, you you will be billed via the Pay By Plate system and will owe the I-PASS rate.

  • you have an active Pay By Plate account, you will be billed via the Pay By Plate system and will owe the cash rate.

Put in another way, if you go through an Illinois Tollway I-PASS Toll and the I-PASS system does not detect a transponder then:

Note: on the toll rates page, the cash rate is under the "Pay Online" column heading, and the I-PASS rate is under the "I-PASS" column heading.

  • You have 14 days to pay..

  • You can calculate what you owe by using the trip calculator at and you can see what the State of Illinois says you owe here.

  • It typically takes less than 24 hours for you to appear in the system after going through a toll without paying.

  • You can call 800-824-7277 for more info.

  • If you pay the wrong amount and it is to little, you still owe the difference, if it’s to much you will need to claim the overage amount.

  • The same rules apply to most EZPass states.



How do you pay tolls in Illinois online?

You can pay Illinois tolls online at Illinois Tollway Unpaid Tolls website via setting up pay by plate. If you have an IPass you can just pay IL toll online on your getipass account.

Can I pay Illinois Tollway online?

Yes you can pay Illinois tollway online through the getipass website if you have an IPass. Those without an I-PASS account must make payment for missed tolls within 14 days using the online portal at the Illinois Tollway unpaid tolls page.

How do visitors pay tolls in Illinois | Illinois toll payment

Visitors typically pay Illinois toll payment via the pay by plate method. You can make a illinois toll road payment for pay by plate at the at Illinois Tollway Unpaid Tolls website. Illinois is part of the E-ZPass system and its tollway transponder is the IPass, which is used to pay tolls a cheaper way than the pay by plate method.

How do I pay tolls on Illinois toll road?

You can pay tolls on the Illinois toll road through the pay by plate method. Just pass through the toll booth and a photo of your license plate will be take for billing. You can also pay by buying an IPass. Please check out my guide on where to buy an IPass.

Are Illinois tolls cheaper with I-PASS?

Yes, Illinois tolls are 50% cheaper as compared with paying with cash or via the pay by plate method. I-PASS users often receive discounted toll rates as an incentive to use the electronic toll collection system. These discounts can result in significant cost savings for frequent toll road users in Illinois.

Are illinois tolls cashless

Illiois has stopped taking cash since Covid-19. If you lack an IPass or E-ZPass, proceed through the tollway and subsequently locate your license plate information on the Illinois Tollway website for payment. Failure to settle an unpaid toll online within 14 days will result in Illinois sending you an invoice. It's important to note that, except for the Chicago Skyway, no Illinois toll roads accept cash or credit card payments.

How do I pay a toll in Illinois that I missed?

If you neglect to make your payment, Illinois adopts a rather robust approach in addressing outstanding fines and tolls. The state can be quite proactive in pursuing unpaid tolls, applying additional fines, late fees, and taking recourse through collection agencies. Consequently, this can have adverse repercussions on your credit score. Thus, it's highly advisable not to disregard Illinois tolls.

Illinois tollway pay

IPass Signup

You are not required to be a resident of Illinois to register for an I-PASS account. Having an I-PASS can lead to a 50% savings on each toll, making it a smart choice if you anticipate frequent visits to Illinois. If your state offers E-ZPass, you might consider opting for that system instead. It can simplify matters since you'll deal directly with your own state's E-ZPass program, and in Illinois, E-ZPass and I-PASS transponders are treated equally.

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